Randy Couture is back on everyone's radar with his upcoming Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight title defense against former World Wrestling Entertainment superstar, Brock Lesnar but just two years ago, "The Natural" was a man looking for a reason to compete. MMAClassics invites you to witness martial arts history unfold as we present the Professional Submission League's, "X-Mission". Now available on DVD, "X-Mission" features the historic match that ignited Randy's competitive fire, motivating him to re-enter Mixed Martial Arts competition and win back the UFC title at age 43. The PSL, "X-Mission" DVD is hosted by Eddie Bravo, American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) legend and founder of 10th Planet BJJ, along with the voice of the Seattle Mariners, sports radio personality Ian Furness.

The stage was set as Randy Couture, former Greco-Roman wrestling champion and UFC Hall of Famer, agreed to risk reputation and honor in his first ever submission match with a BJJ phenomenon simply known as 'Jacare' (the alligator). Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza was widely acclaimed to be the best submission artist on the planet with a reputation akin to a Wild West gunslinger known for clearing out all of the top guns in the BJJ & Grappling world, including BJJ legends, Marcelo Garcia, Roger Gracie amongst others… Jacare came into the big match as an overwhelming favorite. In fact, most BJJ & MMA impresarios saw little hope for 'The Natural' to even finish the first time period. Many wondered aloud why the great MMA champion had taken on this unenviable challenge.
Along with the historic 'Couture vs Jacare' main event, the PSL's "X-Mission" DVD offers many other compelling match ups, characters & storylines, including:
An acoustic National Anthem performed by lead guitarist of the FOO FIGHTERS, Chris Shiflet
PSL superfight with submission impresario Marcelo Garcia and MMA champion Jake Shields
Kron Gracie's first professional submission match as his father, Rickson, coaches in the corner
SPIKE TV's 'The Ultimate Fighter' champion Mac Danzing testing his submission skills along with fellow 'TUF' contestant Vinicius Magalhaes, International Fight League champion Vladimir Matyushenko, and many more…
The PSL's "X-Mission" DVD was shot with 14 cameras split among three different shooting teams. Our MMAClasics cameras captured the complete story of that memorable evening including the lead up events, the action on the PSL Tatame and all of the behind-the-scenes antics. Every aspect of "X-Mission" unfiltered for your ultimate viewing pleasure.

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