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For Immediate Release
March 09, 2007
Los Angeles, California


After a historic return to the UFC Heavyweight Championship, Randy 'the Natural' Couture's legend continues to evolve. The beginning of Couture's Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) story is brilliantly told by director, Pericles Lewnes in the multi-award winning film 'FIGHTER, a documentary'.

On the eve of his historic UFC™ victory against Tim Sylvia in Columbus, Ohio, 'The Natural', joined fans (some who had driven 8 hours to meet him) at the Ohio premier of 'FIGHTER, a documentary'. Fans were able to meet the UFC™ Hall of Famer, ask questions and wish him luck as he autographed 8 x 10's made especially for the event.

"This made my trip", exclaimed Rick Muge, "We went to the UFC™ weigh-ins today but there were so many people and the fighters were so far away. I can't believe I just got to shake Randy Couture's hand!"

Brian Kern went on to say, "A couple of friends and I got VIP tickets at Randy Couture's showing of 'FIGHTER' last Friday night. I just want to say that it was a completely awesome experience meeting and talking with our favorite UFC™ champion of all time."

Randy as always, was more than gracious with the fans as he told us that he was "astounded by the reception that we have received here in Columbus. The fans here in the Midwest are incredible and I am happy see people come out to support this film and our great sport. It's the fans that helped make this sport and they are the ones who will push it even further into the mainstream."

For those who have never seen this film in a theater, it is truly an amazing experience. As Loretta Hunt from The Fight Network told us 'I have seen the film before but watching 'FIGHTER' on the big screen gave me goose bumps!'

Winner of the "BEST DOCUMENTARY " at the FAIF Film Festival in Hollywood, CA and the "BEST BIOGRAPHY " at the NYIIFV Festival in New York, NY, 'FIGHTER, a documentary', looks back to capture a slice of sports history as Randy "The Natural" Couture chases his first Ultimate Fighting World Championship™ Belt. The film "takes you deep into the world of Couture… a man who is now considered the personification of everything good about this sport".

The NYIIFVF is the largest film festival in the world and has been recognized by the film and entertainment industry as one of the leading film events on the independent festival circuit. The festival hosts film, music and art events in the two entertainment capitals of the United States: New York and Los Angeles. The NYIIFVF is known as the voice for independent film and receives extensive media coverage.

For more information and video clips of 'FIGHTER', go to www.mmaclassics.com